Professor Bonevert

Anatomical Theory 201: Boning Up
Put your rears in gear and get in here. I'm not wasting my unlife waiting on you. If you want to learn - and you'd better - then put your noses to the grindstone. Who knows how long until they'll rot off, anyway. Ha! Before the lecture we'll gather resources for tomorrow's lab on the extremities. Which means this is deaducation. To THE EXTREME! Double Ha! … Laugh or fail! *glare*

- Professor Bonevert's Quests

After completing Professor Bonevert's Quests:

Anatomical Theory 201: Boning Up
It's a good thing you thick-skulled bone-breakers are done. I finished reading Better Tombs and Grsaveyards from cover to cover while I sat here waiting. If you're all ready, we can begin our discussion on creating unlife, which is indirectly related to anatomy. You can't build it if you don't know how it's formed.

Where should I go?

You should go see professor Goordan, he will have your next lesson.

Location: Necro U


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