Prismatic Magi Robes

Location: Arcangrove Rep Shop - Arcangrove
Price: 47,000 Gold
Sellback: 11,750 Gold
Rarity: Awesome Rarity
Description: Only the highest ranking magi of Arcangrove have the honor of adorning themselves in fully color customizable wizard robes. You possess so many magical attributes that you seemingly float across the terrain.

  • Requires Arcangrove Rank 9.
  • Rune on the shoulder is Color Custom to Eye Color.
  • Outer robe is Color Custom to Base Color.
  • Trim design is Color Custom to Trim Color.
  • Belt, upper sleeve and inner robe are Color Custom to Accessory Color.

Thanks to Element Die, kaibinlore and 1c3 r3b0rn.

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