Princess Victoria's Quests

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Quest Location: Banquet seasonalsmall.png
Quests Begun From: Princess Victoria

Hero! One of these bonehead Knights thought he was falling in love with me. With ME! Can you believe it? He has NO idea what he is getting into! In my hurry to quell his attempts at wooing me, I accidentally signed my pseudonym. We can't have THAT falling into Father's hands! Please find the Knight and get my reply back!

Items Required:


  • 500 Gold
  • 500 Exp

Thanks to Peachii.

Quest Location: Tournament of Hearts
Quests Begun From: Princess Victoria / Princess Brittany

Requirements: Must have completed 'Find the Princesses!' quest.

King Alteon's eldest daughter loves flowers and roaming around the castle. Search through Swordhaven and return her to King Alteon!

Items Required:


  • 800 Gold
  • 800 Exp

Thanks to Zero IX.

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