Princess Tara (NPC)


Youngest Princess of Swordhaven
Sooooo, Hero. You wouldn't know of any weapons trainers in Swordhaven who can keep a secret, would you? *giggle* I figure if… Victoria *snickers*… can do it, so can I! Ooooooor, you could train me yourself! Yeah! A Princess should have the BEST education possible, don't you agree?

I'm so BORED here! There's nothing to do. Nothing to play. Daddy won't give me a dragon, and I said "Please!" And no one will talk about my Momma! Ooooh, I know! I bet I could go on an adventure and find her! …Or at least find out what happened to her. *Mutter* Since no one HERE will tell me. Hmmph!

- Princess Tara's Quest



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