Princess Ai No Miko

On Screen 4:

Heir to the Yokai Isles Throne
Mother, please rest! You haven't gotten any sleep! Even Lord Kitsune visited because he was worried. I promise, I'll study so you and father won't have to work so hard. Then, we can travel all over the Isles together like we used to. Maybe…we could go even farther? No, I'm sorry I suggested such a foolish thought. Lord Kitsune would never allow such a thing. He would never approve of us if he knew…

On Screen 5:

Heir to the Yokai Isles Throne
The Princess of the Yokai Isles cries silently, quick to wipe her tears before they fall to the ground. Her people are in mourning, and her father was beside himself with grief. She could not burden them further with the weight of her sorrow. All of her sorrows, worries, and fears are bottled up and hidden away. Somewhere in that storm of anxieties is a forgotten wish her parents had always wanted to grant.


Note: Replaces Ai No Mikoto at Yokai Realm after completing the 'Kojutsu' quest.

Thanks to Tux47.

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