Prince Drago

Second Prince of Astravia
Who let you in here? Sucky, Suki or whatever your name is, can’t you see I’m in mourning? Father hasn’t passed yet but he might as well be dead. He mistook me for Darkon of all people! We’re nothing alike. That being said, he did have very interesting things to say to my brother. What, still here? Darkon may have a soft spot for mouth-breathers but you are absolutely uninteresting to me. I prefer cats over ugly mutts.

The peasants are losing their minds. They think the royals and the nobles would protect them for free? It is because of our existence and tireless work that they can go about their peaceful lives. Figures, you don’t need a brain to dig in the dirt. They can’t fathom the work that goes into running a Kingdom. Excessive festivals? They’re required to give our respect to the Grand Star. An Outsider would never understand.

You can’t do simple math? Darkon is the first born son so he will become King when Father passes. I will take the title of Duke. To be King, what a tiresome idea. Being Alprecha’s Beloved didn’t save father’s hair from going white. As Duke, I would live well and be plenty powerful. All without the extra stress. Darkon, however, he’s too soft…He’d give royal power away on a silver platter. Then what would happen to me…

Darkon’s getting misty-eyed over nothing. Father’s senses have left long ago. It’s like how he still misses our mother despite barely having memories of her. It’s good that my father mistakes me for my brother. The last time he recognized who I was, father began screaming about how I killed mother. Ugh, I’m glad she died during childbirth. Father already worships his precious firstborn. He doesn’t need a second worshiper.

Location: Astravia Past
Note: Can only be accessed after completing the 'Echoes' quest.


Thanks to Darkfirekiller.

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