Prince Darkon's Quests

Quest Location: Astravia Past
Quests Begun From: Prince Darkon

Requirements: Must have completed the 'Echoes' quest.
Note: This quest can only be completed once.

Father does not have much time left. He could leave us in a matter of weeks if not days. I wish for my family to spend as much time with each other as possible. Would you share a few words with them? I apologize for asking this. This could be our last chance to have my father connect with you.

Items Required:


  • 0 Gold
  • 5,000 Exp

Requirements: Must have completed the 'Liebestraume No. 3' quest.

I should be with my father and Drago, but I promise I'll come look for you. Why don't you take a break from your studies for the time being? Aurola and the others would be happy to have you join them. I'm sure they're dying for a rematch. Not to mention, it's become obvious that the soldiers need to be put through the wringer. Why not give them a few pointers before joining me for lunch?

Items Required:


  • 3,000 Gold
  • 11,000 Exp


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