Prime, the Keeper


«Hero confronting Prime in Starsinc»

Prime: Why have you come here?
Prime: You hurt my people and destroy my keep?
Prime: These are not the actions of a logical, rational being.

«Prime goes into battle stance»

Hero: I don't want to hurt anyone, or anything. All I want is to protect the Star Core.
Hero: I don't know if you've heard, but there's this Queen of Monsters.
Hero: She's risen, she's bad news, and right now, one of her minions is on his way to take your core.
Hero: I'm here to HELP! I want to keep it safe. We can't let it fall into her hands.

Prime: The Star Core? You have no idea what its true purpose is - or who can wield it.
Prime: I think you lie. I think YOU are here to steal it. And the punishment for thieves is -

«Prime attacks Hero»

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