Star Dominus
We must stop Final from keeping that Star Core, its power is unimaginable, this is for the safety of your people. If that Star core is used, it would mean the annihilation of your planet, not just a portion of it. We need to build a hole in time space to put you back in a certain time, let's begin.

- Prime's Quests
- Starsinc Merge

If you have SuperNova Badge in your inventory:

Star Dominus
You might have just saved reality itself. You are always welcome here, and as a reward, I offer my armor to you, after you pass my trials of course. This armor was passed down to me by the creators themselves, and I have worn it since the beginning of time. It is time for a successor, a new guardian of the universe. You would be most fitting for that position. The armor may be a daunting task, but my weapon will be much harder.

The Star Striker. It is formed in the beginning of time, where matter was much more unpredictable, unlike what you see today. It gains its power from the stars, draining their life force to use it as unsurmountable power.If you are able to prove your might, you may be rewarded with it. But be wary, Hero. This weapon has the ability to annihilate entire planets at a mere swing.

Redo Adventure
You have completed the adventure already, hero, but that does not mean you can no longer relive your glory! Here are my portions of the original story - enjoy yourself as you rebattle your way through the story!.

- Battle Prime (Takes you to Screen 14 where Prime Dominus (Monster) is)
- Battle Final (Takes you to a different version of Screen 1 where Final (Monster) is)
- Prime's Quests
- Battle UltraPrime (Takes you to Screen 15 where Empowered Prime is)

- Prime's Quests
- Starsinc Merge

Location: Starsinc Fortress
Note: Replaces Final (NPC) on Screen 2 after completing 'Defeat the Prime Dominus' quest.


Thanks to Apus.

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