Priestess Himiko

Priestess of the Midnight Sun
Beyond the Torii Gate is the smoldering warmth of the Hollow Solstice. This is the Shrine of the Midnight Sun, where a fallen god and its servants are sealed. Just as we did generations ago, force the Hollow Solstice to its knees and overcome my challenge. Your triumph will be rewarded with my blessings and the fallen god's remaining divinity, forged into armaments that will shine forevermore.

Your party will travel together through this adventure. Every foe must be defeated in order to progress through the dungeon. Foes in this dungeon deal and resist physical damage, but are weak to magical damage. Upon completion, you will receive a Sliver of Sunlight, which can be merged with the Sliver of Moonlight to create the Rite of Ascension, allowing you access to the Ascension of the Eclipse challenge with its danger and grand rewards.

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Location: Eclipse Ascent


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