Previously... on DoomWood


«"Previously in AdventureQuest Worlds… DOOMWOOOD

«Paladin casting a spell, subtitle: "The Paladins fought against a horrifying new threat…"»

«Vordred gets the spell, but blocks it, subtitle: "VORDRED, the PaladinSlayer… a undead skull-covered knight, who is immune to light based magic and has been turning Paladins undead, addding them to his army."»

«To Hero, subtitle: "The King sent the greatest hero in the land to prevent the same fate from befalling Artic… who used the ultimate anti-Paladin technique - "Hey, look! Your shoe's untied!""»

«To Artix in jail, Vayle outside, standing guard, subtitle: "The Hero imprisoned Artix for his own safety while Vayle (former apprentice to the necromancer Noxus) guarded him and kept his axe, the Blinding Light of Destiny, "safe.""»

«To hero, with Noxus and Sally, subtitle: "Noxus and the the Pink Necromantress Sally revealed that they created VORDRED and his destiny was to beome the Champion of Darkness… if he could defeat the current one. Whoever that is…"»

«Back at the jail, Artix escaped, subtitle: "The Artix's battleaxe, the Blinding Light of Destiny, revealed his most guarded secret. But not long before VORDRED corrupted the weapon creating the ShadowReaper of Doom!"»

«Vordred takes the axe, then to the Dracolich, with Artix in his mouth, subtitle: "Artix, a sworn protector of Good, trusted the hero with his "darkest" secret."»

«To Shadowfall castle, Noxus, Vordred, and Gravelyn there, subtitle: "VORDRED and his Master Noxus, assaulted the Forstress of Shadowfall, taking the throne from Gravleyn and turning her army of the undead against her."»

«Noxus now on throne, Gravelyn prisoner, subtitle: "In a daring, and most unexpected rescure, the Hero and the skull known as Chuckles returned power to Gravelyn. Noxus's skull was used to make a staff."»

«Now to Vordred on a cliff, subtitle: "The showdown between Vordred and Artix began…"»

«Now to Artix and Vordred battle, subtitle: "During the epic battle, all secrets were revealed and the Blinding light of Destiny was destroyed!"»

«Vordred is then defeated, subtitle: "There are many stories of how the legendary battle ended… but it is what happened AFTER that is truly horrifying…."»

«Now to Necropolis, Sally present, subtitle: ""We can rebuild him. BIGGER. STRONGER. MORE SKULLS!!!!""»

«Drakath appears and gives Sally Vordred's skull, Sally picks it up, smiles»

«"Coming next week… ##Red| DOOMWOOD (battleaxe) (battleaxe). Whispers of the Darkness Lord. The BattleAxe will be reforged. The most powerful being darkness being OF ALL TIME will rise. It will start out as you are hoping… but it will not go as you expect. Things will become crazy… then get crazier… than it will get MORE crazy.. then it will just compeltely get out of control. You were warned. Oh… be sure you played ALL OF DOOMWOOD PART 1 before next Friday (Use your map to get there)!", then Hero can only click on "DOOOOM!"»

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