Preparing for War


«Scene: Earthstorm.»

«The hero slays Arradia and suddenly the ground starts to shake.»

The fourth is found. Her lessons can begin. Time flies and War screams on the wind.

«Screen moves to Hs'Sakar.»

«Screen moves to As'iiur.»

«Screen moves to Ll'rillor.»

«Screen moves to Dr'Rader.»

«Scene: The screen goes black.»

The time to teach nears an end. The lessons MUST be learned, or Desoloth triumphs.

«The Hero picks up a crystal.»

Hero: I did not intend to destroy —

Dr'Rader: Hah, do not worry, <Hero>. You have shattered the heart of the Earth, bug much like Lore itself, the Earth can renew, regrow.
Dr'Rader: We will reform the Core, and all will be well in time. Provided we handle the… Desoloth annoyance.

Hero: You have a STRANGE definition of "annoyance," Wise One. Me myself, I'd say he's a… challenge.
Hero: Tough, it's true. But when I'm done with him, he won't know a conflagration from a candle flame!

Dr'Rader: *chuckle* It is because you are who you are that we require your aid, <Hero>.

«Dr'Rader levitates four crystal shards.»

Dr'Rader: And, if you have the time, perhaps you could help me gather the Shards?
Dr'Rader: Due to the magical properties of the Crystal, each shard contains all of the secrets of the original.
Dr'Rader: If you had but the power, you could feel them all pulsing! The magic, it… itches. The Core's power has been condensed and concentrated.

Hero: Earth, then, is stronger than ever before?

Dr'Rader: Oh yes. <Hero>, you have done us a great service!

«Scene: Etherstorm War.»

Desoloth: Oh puny traitor, you mock your own heritage! Thinking YOU could be as brave as a DRAGON and bargain — BARGAIN! — with me! Hah!

«As'iiur is being crushed by Desoloth.»

Desoloth: Do you regret betraying your kind and your Dragon Master? So sad. So… PATHETIC.
Desoloth: You are MY creature now, and you will add your puny power to my own.

As'iiur: Please — I beg *choke* — I will serve! I swear it on *gasp* She'iashar's claws! Do nooooooot

«Desoloth delivers the finishing blow to As'iiur.»

Desoloth: Tsk. These creatures — lesser beings — will they NEVER learn?
Desoloth: First that upstart Dragon — hah — Slayer! He has seen what he faces. I trust HE will not return to the battle against ME!
Desoloth: And now the sniveling whelp of a Dravix. They should all be like YOU, my loyal X'dir.
Desoloth: You know your place. And what you would face should you oppose me.

«Scene fades.»

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