Premeditated Crossfire


With Fiamme restored to her full power, she returns to the Firmament with her Heroes.
But Malgor has successfully entered the Mana Core and corrupted it with Shadowflame.
The event is unprecedented, with consequences no one can predict.

Scouts from Swordhaven and the Shadowscythe report that he has set his sights on Crownsreach.
The Avatars will gather their Champions, and the Eternal Dragon of Time will join their allies in an effort to stop Malgor from stealing …

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Black Screen»

Galanoth: The Queen of Monsters' Heart!?

Hero: He shouldn't know about the Heart but I can't think of anything else that would shift Malgor's focus to Crownsreach.

Galanoth: So you're saying you didn't tell anyone about this extremely dangerous chunk of meat.
Galanoth: Not only that but you left it with Drakath.

Hero: …There's a reason.

Galanoth: <Hero>, I do trust you.
Galanoth: But knowing who's going to be waiting for you at Crownsreach, that reason better be good.

Hero: Hero's hoping I don't disappoint Malgor, and get throttled before he can do it to me himself.
Hero: Take care, Galanoth. The elements are in complete disarray.
Hero: The Avatars need you, Varga, and all the help they can get to stabilize the Planes.

Galanoth: Be careful. We'll see each other soon.

«Scene fades»

Hero: Gravelyn, the Avatars didn't summon you to The Firmament?

Gravelyn: I am the Empress of the Shadowscythe first and foremost.
Gravelyn: The title of Champion is a tool to me. It's not going to get in the way of what I'm owed.

Hero: And one of those thing you're owed…Would that happen to be an explanation?

Brentan: I believe we all deserve an explanation.
Brentan: Why did we learn about the dangers of the Queen of Monster's heart-

Victoria: -from people that weren't you! I had to hear this from spi..other sources.
Victoria: After everything Chaos has done to us, and potentially what it could do in Malgor's hands…
Victoria: You let Drakath have it and didn't tell anyone!

Dage the Evil: Is it truly not obvious why? Empress Gravelyn, I'll speak on <Hero's> behalf.

Gravelyn: Very generous of you, Lord Dage.
Gravelyn: I am also interested in how you're going to explain this for them.

Dage the Evil: Whether or not the Heart is more useful than it is dangerous…that wouldn't have mattered.
Dage the Evil: Discussing the topic rationally with any of our company isn't possible.
Dage the Evil: Not when Chaos killed King Alteon, Emperor Sepulchure, and Lord Brentan's wife.

Brentan: Do not refer to my wife and I so casually, ghoul-

Brentan: Agh! It hurts…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Close up of previous scene, Brentan still disarmed in pain»

Hero: Brentan, are you okay? What's that glowing stuff on your face?

Victoria: He started to feel pangs of pain after Malgor took over the Mana Core. Then the markings appeared.
Victoria: Hundreds of victims in Greenguard fell catatonic immediately.
Victoria: I'm sure it'll get worse but we won't know how until it's too late.

«Brentan picks up his sword and stops clutching his face»

Gravelyn: And we've already wasted enough time snitting at each other here.
Gravelyn: I…I'm angered that <Hero> decided to keep the Heart a secret.


Gravelyn: But I understand why you did. The greater threat is Malgor.
Gravelyn: Just as how Lord Dage agreed to temporarily allow Nulgath to oversee the Underworld during this crisis-
Gravelyn: I will resign myself to keeping his invading armies at bay.
Gravelyn: If you currently consider Drakath an ally, then it is best I keep my distance.

Victoria: I'll join the defense as well.
Victoria: If I'm with you the moment Malgor falls, I might attack Drakath on sight.

Brentan: Speaking of that wretch, where is he?

Hero: In Crownsreach, Drakath's the most immediate threat to Malgor.
Hero: He'd be too much of an issue to ignore. If I were Malgor, I'd throw everything I had at him.

Dage the Evil: Which leaves our forces substantially unopposed. It's honestly disappointing how easy it'll be.
Dage the Evil: I will lead my vanguard into Crownsreach with <Hero>.
Dage the Evil: Just as I promised when you witnessed me merging with The Beast, I will crush Malgor.
Dage the Evil: Once I melt his remains in my Forge, you're welcome to the leftovers that spill out of the trophy mold.

Brentan: The Beast…


Gravelyn: If there are no objections, then it's time we move.

Brentan: Though it burns me, I know I'll be a burden if I join the fight.
Brentan: It's best that I give <Hero> logistic support.
Brentan: If the gh…if our allies are true to their word, allow them to charge ahead, and talk with me first.

Victoria: <Hero>, be safe.

«Scene fades»

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