Predestination Paradox


«Scene: Aurola, Song Rivale, and Darkon in Screen 10 of Genesis Garden»

Aurola: So, did it work?

Song: The clone was successfully grown and sent through the gate with its mission — to stop Suki from going to Astravia.
Song: But, the tracking data…

Darkon: I assume this is bad news. You seem upset.

Song: I wish to be upset. At my core, I am devastated and frustrated at my failure.
Song: But I can not waste energy allowing those emotions to surface.
Song: The tracking data is reporting issues. Your clone was flung to the future instead of the past.
Song: Worse yet, it lost the entirety of its memories.
Song: It met a man named Laken, and this is the point where the gate malfunctioned.
Song: We can no longer track the clone.
Song: There are too many unpredictable variables. Creating a second clone without knowing what happened to the first is risky.
Song: But we have to keep trying! We have to save Suki!

Darkon: Don't bother.

Aurola: What? Why?

Darkon: It's convenient, isn't it? Our plans were running smoothly until we tried to tamper with time.
Darkon: The universe is preventing us from changing the past.
Darkon: Her death is so important to its stability that it refuses to let us save her.

Song: How do you know this to be true?

Darkon: Suki once told me of a Seraphic Paladin she knew with my face and name.
Darkon: Their superior was a man named Laken.
Darkon: If you were to take that information, and consider how Suki's Seraphic equipment was so technologically advanced…

Aurola: No, could it be the clone?

Darkon: I am certain it was the clone.
Darkon: It found a way to travel back in time on its own. Inevitably, it will meet Suki.
Darkon: Ha, fate itself has decided that Suki would find her way to Astravia.
Darkon: Nothing we do will change that.
Darkon: We're locked into a predestination paradox.

Aurola: If it's pointless to change the past, what can we do for our future? For Astravia?

Darkon: I thought our only obstacles were the Astravians. But it seems we will be up against the laws of time and space.
Darkon: If that's the case, I'll tear reality to shreds myself.

Aurola: !!!

Darkon: Song, we collected samples from the First Observatory.
Darkon: There was a pathogen we discovered thriving in the ancient ship, A virus, specifically.
Darkon: I have an idea. One that involves this virus and the substance that caused the ship's crew to transform.
Darkon: To refine this idea, we will need test subjects.

Song: Consider it done, Darkon.

Aurola: What kind of test subjects?

Darkon: Human, of course. Preferably Astravian but we don't need to be picky.

Aurola: Darkon…

Darkon: Aurola, do not let your fury wane. Every Astravian that stood by Suki and I are dead.
Darkon: Only the wicked or cowardly remain.
Darkon: Once I gain the power of the Primordial World, we'll fix it.
Darkon: We'll make it right.

Aurola: …Understood.

«Scene: Dark Screen»

Do Dawn: And so, we cycle back to the present.

Do Dusk: Where Darkon's story entwines with yours.

22 years later

«Scene: A figure seemingly jumping out of a red portal»

«Scene fades»

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