Pooka (NPC)


Lucky Goat
Baaaa! You must be new here! I’m a very lucky goat, and I bring good fortune to anyone who rides me! Honest!

For real?
No trick! I’ve been waiting all year for Lucky Day to come—it’s my time to shine! But I caaaan’t seem to convince any of these cute moglins to ride me. What’s an adorable goat to do?

I bet I know!
They all seem to think I’m a symbol of baaaad luck. If only I had MORE luck, I could convince them.

*Skeptical noise*
Look at this faaaaace. Do I LOOK like a creature that would visit DOOOOOOM upon you and my little moglin friends? If you help me, I’ll give you a reward, too.

- Pooka's Quests
- Pooka's Gifts

After completing the 'Tricksy Gold' quest:

Lucky Goat
Are you feeling lucky? ME TOOOOO! And guess whaaaaat?! My moglin fren’ agreed to riiiiiiiide me!

He agreed?!
YAAAAAAASSS! *goat cough* Before I aaaaaate him.

He’s fiiiiiiiiine. We’re just going to go visit. The Faaaaerie Queen. For dinner. I’d say…

- Save Luckee - Takes you to Screen 3
- Pooka's Quests
- Pooka's Gifts

Location: Pooka (Location)

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