Pony Gary Yellow (Cutscene)


«Kimberly, with Pony Gary Yellow figurine and her guitar in her hands, with Hero in the One-Eyed Doll stage»

Kimberly: It is time to introduce you to my little friend….
Kimberly: …this is…. is…. (lemme think)…. It's a… glove. NO! It's a DINOSAUR! Yeah… a Dinosaur. His name is…… PONY GARY YELLOW!!!!

Hero: OK.. that is TOO random. Even for a Chaos Lord! Nobody just carries around a little plastic dinosaur!

«Picture of hand holding a little plastic dinosaur pops up»

Hero: … I stand corrected.

Kimberly: Since he's a dinosaur I'll have to use my powers of ROCK to open up a time portal. See you in a bajillionty thousand years ago!

«Kimberly opens up a timespace portal with a slash of her guitar and Hero gets sucked in. Cutscene ends»

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