«Alina at Shendra's bed»

Alina: I do not think you can understand me, Shendra, but perhaps the sound of my voice will soothe.
Alina: Swordhaven is falling even more steadily into Chaos. With the King under the influence of Chaos and your poison…
Alina: And I do not want to believe they are treacherous, but…. his most loyal knights have begun vanishing!
Alina: And, more troubling, the Knight Captain himself, Rolith of House Indracus - you met him here once, remember? - he has disappeared, as well!
Alina: I cannot believe HE would desert the King. His loyalty is unquestiones, which means he MUST have been taken by force -

Shendra: No Good, why no Good? The Silver Man is so Good, but no Good! Ooooooh -

Alina: The Silver Man? Silvertree? Your father? Shendra, TELL me!

Shendra: *moan* Ooh, nooo. He will not - will not go gentle. Good night! *sniffle* …

Alina: Sleep now, child. I must think on this, consult <Hero>, and perhaps… the time has come to act.

«Change scene, Alina and Hero at Swordhaven Castle's outskirts»

Alina: - Yes, exactly. And then she said, "Good night." It is almost poetic, but…

Hero: Something does not sound right. Good night… Good night. Good… Knight!
Hero: I believe, her father being who he is, that she just may know something about the disappearance of the Good Knights.
Hero: The Pactagonal Knights!

Alina: And… Rolith?

«Change scene, Hero and Alina at Shendra's bed»

Hero: Shendra, girl, LISTEN to me. You MUST speak. What do you know about the Good Knights?

Shendra: I heard - Silver and Gold - only ONE way to be Good -

Alina: Come. She is exhausted. We must go. There are things to talk about… and decisions to make.

«Change scene, Alina and Hero on the second floor of Yulgar's Inn»

Alina: If my suspicions are correct about Rolith's assailant -

Hero: And I think they are -

Alina: Then the time's come for me to choose. Life's not always back and white. Neither Gare Good and Evil, as we've seen.
Alina: Sometimes the most toxic poisons can heal the best, and Evil must be employed to do the most Good.

Hero: Do you mean to tell me you're -

Alina: Going to use ALL my knowledge - the harmful and the healing? Yes. If I have to poison a few good thugs to find out who is behind these disappearances…
Alina: Then so be it. Rolith is missing. His Knights are GONE, and we don't know if they left by choice.
Alina: <Hero>, I need your help. Aid me in tracking them, following where they've gone and discovering wehre they're kept.

Hero: You've got it, Potionmaker!

Alina: PoisonMistress now. And I'm going to need something more… comfortable to battle in.

«Alina puts on battle armor»

Hero: … Huh.
Hero: … Um.
Hero: Never knew you could wield a sword. How good ARE you with that blade?

Alina: Not so out of practice as to be bad, but I'm VERY good with the magic-laced poisons that coat it. And that will make ALL the difference.

«Scene fades»

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