Poe's Tales of Terror



Voltaire: Happy Mogloween, <Hero>! I've got something exciting planned for this year's Mogloween event!

Hero: Like slaying an undead dragon? Or a crazy Frankenstein beast?! BRING IT ON!

Voltaire: Ha, no no no-something even better than that.
Voltaire: I'm going to read you a story!

Hero: … a story book?! On Mogloween?! C'mon Voltaire, I thought you said you had something exciting planned.

Voltaire: Oh trust me, this is no ordinary story.
Voltaire: It's a classic tale of terror by one of the best-known writers of the mysterious and the macabre: Edgar Allan Poe!
Voltaire: ?!

«Voltaire's tablet isn't getting service»

Voltaire: NO INTERNET! How am I ever going to read you a story without wifi?!

Hero: I am pretty sure the Drakel haven't invented wifi yet. Soooo….
Hero: Umm… maybe… by reading an actual book?

Voltaire: Of course! A good ol' fashiones book! You think they still sell those around here?

Hero: Uhhh, yeah - but you can probably just take one from that bookcase over there.

Voltaire: Heeey now-that sounds like a quest! I'm glad you volunteered!

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