Please Don't Shrink Me


«Scene: Cysero's forge»

«Cysero hits an anvil with his hammer»

«The Hero walks on screen»

Hero: Hey Cysero, I got all this stuff.

Cyerso: Hmmm. It looks like you're making some sort of magic tunneling machine.

Hero: No, YOU'RE making it.

Cysero: No, I'm not. I'm making this thing.

Hero: Alright…What is that thing?

«Screen flashes green»

«Cysero holds a male mallard duck in his hand»

Cysero: A duck…. apparently.

«Cysero tosses the duck away»

Cysero: Let's build your thing. That sounds more fun.

«Scene fades»

Several hours later…

«Scene: Cysero's forge»

«Cysero hits something offscreen with his hammer

Cysero: Nearly done!

Hero: Great! We need to get… what is that?

«Cysero holds a miniature drill in his hand»

Cysero: It's what you asked for! TA-DAA!

Hero: NO! I wanted something that could get to the center of the planet!

Cysero: And this baby can get halfway there before it even needs to refuel!

«Screen shakes»


«Cysero lowers the miniature drill»

Cysero: Oh … well, that would need to be a lot bigger.

Hero: Yes.

Cysero: …Or you need to be a lot smaller.

Hero: **blink blink** Please don't shrink me.

Cysero: It would actually be a lot simpler to enlarge the rest of the universe around you.

Hero: Can't you just make this thing grow? Please?

Cysero: Sure, if you want to be boring.
Cysero: We'll just need a few ingredients for an enlarging potion.

«Scene fades»

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