Plate of The Fallen

Location: Eighth Limited Qty Shop - Battleon
Price: 800 AC

  • First 24 Hours: 720 AC
  • After 24 Hours: 200 AC

Rarity: Rare Rarity
Description: Foes will want to make sure you stay down because if there is even just an ounce of breath left in a member of The Fallen, they will strike their enemies down with all of their might! EVIL WILL FALL AS THE FALLEN WILL RISE! This armor is color custom.

  • Only 8,000 of this item were available.
  • Rune on back, fur and lower layer of pauldrons, and writing on ribbons hanging from the waist are Color Custom to Eye Color.
  • Face on pauldrons, lower layer of gauntlets, lower layer of belt centerpiece and female chest armor are Color Custom to Base Color.
  • Trim on chain base, right pauldron, gauntlets, belt, the swords, fabric handing from belt, legs, and shoes are Color Custom to Trim Color.
  • Fabric is Color Custom to Accessory Color.
  • Also see Mail of the Fallen.

Thanks to Braveone12 and Flitterifie.

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