Plague of Dragons



The eternal peace of Dragonhame city has been shattered.
The dragons, dravix, dravir, and humans who dwell here to care for and train young elemental dragons are no longer safe.
A deadly plague is ravaging the lands of Etherstorm have reached into the heart of their well-guarded city.
And many who have not fallen sick… have disappeared completely.

«Hero and warlic in Dragonhame»

Warlic: Thank you for coming so quickly, <Hero>. Time is running short.
Warlic: Listen closely; I cannot stay here long.

Hero: Oh, good, a pre-cap!

Warlic: This is NOT the time for laughter.

«A fire dragonling comes to them with much difficulty, Warlic cures him»

Warlic: Something threatens the dragons of Etherstorm: a deadly plague is spreading.
Warlic: Those who sicken eventually fall into a comatose state. We cannot wake them.
Warlic: For those who avoid that, a worse fate awaits.
Warlic: They either die… or disappear.

Hero: That doesn't make ANY sense!

Warlic: I know. That is why I summoned you.
Warlic: The people of Dragonhame need your help to protect their young.
Warlic: You should also help them search for anything that might help cure this plague.

Hero: Will they want my help? The last time I was here things got… messy.

Warlic: That doesn't matter. They NEED it.
Warlic: Do what you do best. Help. Defend. Heal. SAVE!

«Drakor teleports in»

Warlic: I must go now. There is much I must research if we are to save them.

«Drakor spreads his wings»

Warlic: This is Drakor. He was once my student and knows much that will help you.

«Warlic teleports out»

«Drakor and Hero, reunited»

Drakor: I smell death on you, <Hero's Class>.
Drakor: I will take any help I can get right now. But by Ss'ikari's fangs, if you make things worse…

Hero: I can't do ANYTHING until I learn more about what I'm dealing with.

Drakor: You know that much at least. It is a start.

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