Plague of Dragons


«Scen: Dragonhame»

The eternal peace of Dragonhame city has been shattered.
The dragons, dravix, dravir, and humans who dwell here to care for and train young elemental dragons are no longer safe.
A deadly plague is ravaging the lands of Etherstorm have reached into the heart of their well-guarded city.
And many who have not fallen sick… have disappeared completely.

«Scene: Hero and Warlic in Dragonhame»

Warlic: Thank you for coming so quickly, <Hero>. Time is running short.
Warlic: Listen closely; I cannot stay here long.

Hero: Oh, good, a pre-cap!

Warlic: This is NOT the time for laughter.

«A fire dragonling comes to them with much difficulty, and Warlic cures him»

Warlic: Something threatens the dragons of Etherstorm: a deadly plague is spreading.
Warlic: Those who sicken eventually fall into a comatose state. We cannot wake them.
Warlic: For those who avoid that, a worse fate awaits.
Warlic: They either die… or disappear.

Hero: That doesn't make ANY sense!

Warlic: I know. That is why I summoned you.
Warlic: The people of Dragonhame need your help to protect their young.
Warlic: You should also help them search for anything that might help cure this plague.

Hero: Will they want my help? The last time I was here things got… messy.

Warlic: That doesn't matter. They NEED it.
Warlic: Do what you do best. Help. Defend. Heal. SAVE!

«Drakor teleports in»

Warlic: I must go now. There is much I must research if we are to save them.

«Drakor spreads his wings»

Warlic: This is Drakor. He was once my student and knows much that will help you.

«Warlic teleports out»

«Drakor and Hero, reunited»

Drakor: I smell death on you, <Hero's Class>.
Drakor: I will take any help I can get right now. But by Ss'ikari's fangs, if you make things worse…

Hero: I can't do ANYTHING until I learn more about what I'm dealing with.

Drakor: You know that much at least. It is a start.

«Scene fades»

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