Pizza Delivery/Sneaking In


«Scene begins with the Hero, disguised as a Pizza Delivery man, standing on top of the Portal to the Tower of Relativity»

Hero: Hey! You guys, I've got 4 Large Double Slime Pizzas with Extra Peasant here!

«Scene changes to 2 Cyclops in the Tower of Relativity»

Cyclops 1: Me no order Pizzas.

Cyclops 2: Maybe Escherion order it for us for guarding teleporter so good!

Cyclops 1: Yeah we am good guards. You am probably right! I turn on teleporter to let pizza person in!

«Scene changes with the Pizza Delivery man being teleported to the Tower of Relativity»

Hero: Thanks, so… who gets the bill for these pizzas?

Cyclops 1: Not me! Me pay last time!

Cyclops 2: If Escherion order pizza then him pay!
Cyclops 2: You find him at bottom of tower.

Hero: Ok, thanks! You guys enjoy those.

«The Hero leaves the scene»

Cyclops 1: "…Yeah, we am good guards.

«Scene fade out»

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