Pirate's Kabuki




Centuries ago, ships from across the sea arrived at the Yokai Isles
They carried six Princes, six Princesses, and hundreds of refugees fleeing from the Wuji Empire -
A silver garden where the Champion of Metal rules as Emperor over an immortal populace.
This eternal life and youth came at a cost.
Rumor has it that the Emperor sacrificed the lives of his Empress and Consorts to extend his rule to the ends of eternity.
This Emperor of Steel and his noble court wallow in decadence as the peasantry toil and starve. Forced to serve their rulers forever.
The Emperor's children, mourning the death of their mothers and the treatment of the commoners, decided to leave.
They liberated as many of their subjects as they could and eventually came across the Yokai Isles.

«Everyone bows»

My ancestor, Emperor Seiwa of the Yokai Isles, welcomed them and hid their presence from Kitsune.
The Princes and Princesses rescinded their royal titles, and joined with the people of Yokai.
Our cultures mixed, their stories became ours, and ours became theirs.
You know of a few already.
The legend of the koi ascending a waterfall to become a dragon, and the lunar festival originated in Wuji.

«Scene: Screen 3 of Yokai Pirate»

Hero: Kitsune hated outsiders, but with him gone, you can celebrate your origins openly.
Hero: I learned that Yue here is a descendant of the Rabbit Princess from Wuji during a Lunar Festival.

Yue: I still have my outfit from the festival, including the rabbit ears!

Hero: Is everyone else on this ship a descendant too?

Ai No Miko: Yes, this is my guard, Baoyu Lin. He is a descendant of the Wuji Dragon Princess.

Hero: Well met, but isn't your armor kind of snake-ish?

Baoyu: Quite, but I wear it to honor my cousin, Empress Ai No Miko. We and the rest of the royal guard are her Serpent Warriors.

Ai No Miko: Following my mother's bloodline, I am a descendant of the Wuji Snake Prince.
Ai No Miko: You'll come to learn that many of my subjects are of mixed lineage.
Ai No Miko: Some have already joined their families to those from Greenguard.

Hero: So what's going on with all of us getting on this ship? Is this another celebration?

Ai No Miko: Actually, we're going to kidnap everyone.

Hero: Oh, that's fun!

«Hero scratches head»

Hero: Wait, my brain needed a second to catch up. We're doing what now?

Yue: I designed some scurvy pirate ensembles to try out! Hope you like yours, Ai No Miko.
Yue: Or should I say pAIrate No Miko?

Baoyu: That sounds like 'Pie Rat' and I hope you didn't make a matching flag.

Yue: Boo, I think it's cute!

Hero: Uhh…

Ai No Miko: Please excuse them, they're trying to lighten our somewhat dangerous situation.
Ai No MIko: A fleet of armed ships from the Wuji Empire has crossed the sea and are making their way to the Yokai Isles.
Ai No Miko: They sent a letter ahead of their arrival, demanding that we return the Emperor of Steel's children.

Hero: I know you wouldn't abandon your people, but refusing could spark a war.
Hero: How much time do we have to prepare?

Ai No Miko: Not enough at all, which is why we're going to put on a little ruse.
Ai No Miko: My noble court will feign ignorance over the Wuji royalty and their descendants.
Ai No Miko: They won't be able to help round up the descendants either.

Hero: Because a crew of bloodthristy pirates already kidnapped them!
Hero: That's where our pirate costumes come in! We're pretending to be the kidnappers.
Hero: If pirates took the descendants somewhere far away where Wuji's ships can't reach…
Hero: They'll be safe and the Yokai Isles won't be held responsible. There'd be no reason to wage war.

Ai No Miko: If Wuji's ships catch up to us, we'll pretend to be pirates, fight them off, and keep sailing until we lose them.
Ai No Miko: It'll be a temporary solution. Forcing the descendants to upend their lives and go into hiding again pains me greatly.

Baoyu: Empress Ai No Miko, we owe you and your family a great deal! If it were not for you, we would have no home at all.
Baoyu: Doing this to keep the Yokai Isles safe is the least we could do.

Yue: I'm still guilty that we all stayed in hiding when your father was…

Ai No Miko: A good Emperor must always put his people before himself. My father and I would never risk your safety.
Ai No Miko: <Hero>, would you please lend us your aid? I was sure you would have a lot of experience with pirates.

Hero: Absolutely, 'tis a great opportunity t' practice me accent.
Hero: Hey, Pie Rat No Miko, gimme yer best Arr!

Ai No Miko: …Arr, call me a Pie Rat again and I'll keelhaul you to blimey town.

Baoyu: Your excellency, that sounds mildly inappropriate.

Ai No Miko: Hmm, raise the gangplank and turn this ship broadside! Hands and hearties, jolly this roger!

Hero: Let's call it an active work in progress and set sail! Where are we off to first?

Yue: Takarajima, an island surrounded by some crazy currents. It'll make it hard for the Wuji ships to navigate.

Ai No Miko: This will be an important stop on our journey.
Ai No Miko: Deep in the caves of Takarajima, we will be meeting the original Princes and Princesses.

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