Pink Madness


«Scene: Hero, with defeated Chaos Queen Beleen, and Chibi Nulgath in Drearia»

Hero: Nulgath, now's your chance— use your Beleen Remedy!

«Nulgath pulls out the Beleen Remedy»

Nulgath: I cast the Anti-Beleen Saline! IT GETS THE PINK OUT!

«Both Beleen and Nulgath return to normal»

Hero: I never meant to hurt you, Beleen, but someone had to put a stop to your PINK MADNESS!
Hero: You cannot go around making everything pink and cute because you WANT to.
Hero: You need to be considerate of what other people likeand don't likeand take that into account!
Hero: Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD.

Beleen: I guess I went a teensy little bit overboard, huh? Hehe, oops =p
Beleen: Just because I COULD make everything pink and cute doesn't mean I SHOULD, right?

???: That's right, Beleen!

«Scroll left to Cysero»

Cysero: Everything in moderation.

Hero: Oh hey Cysero, what are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be finding Artix some pants?

Cysero: WHO ARE YOU, the pants police!? Accussing ME of stealing Artix's pants?! I think YOU took them!

Hero: WHAAT!?!? NO! I didn't take his pants!

Cysero: THAT is EXACTLY what a guilty person would say.

Hero: No no Cysero, remember:

«Hero pulls a card that reads Artix's worst NIGHTMARE! -9001 Dmg Element: Pink Doom =p»

Hero: You were trying to find Artix some pants 'cuz Beleen turned his Paladin armor pink….
Hero: But… hmmm… now that Beleen is no longer a Chaos Queen…
Hero: Does this mean that everything affected by her pink madness is now back to normal?

Nulgath: This NOT normal!!!

Cysero: It seems that anything affected by Beleen's Chaotic reign *could* turn back to its normal self if desired.
Cysero: Clearly, Nulgath wanted to return to his ArchFiend appearance, while those little fellas decided to choose the path of pinkness.

Hero: Ahh, so, does this mean… that Artix's Paladin armor is back to normal?

«Scene change to Artix in his normal Paladin armor»

Artix: YES! YES! YES!
Artix: No longer am I the No Pants Paladin!
Artix: And this Paladin is ready for BATTLE!

«Wind makes Artix's cape billow out behind him - it is pink»

«Zoom off to show trees»


Hero: YUP, everything is back to normal all right.

Beleen: Teeheehee!

«Black screen with text»

Hiya hero! Beleen here, and I just wanted to thank you for saving me (and the entire AQWorld) from my Chaotic Pink Madness. It was a fun ride, wasn't it? I had a BLAST designing this special release, and I hope you had as much fun playing through my craziness as I did make it for you! I look forward to when our paths cross again. Pink On, hero! ~ Beleen =D

«Scene fades»

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