Phantix (NPC)

Beastmaster Hero
Aaaah, it is good to see you, Hero. So strong, so healthy. So… perfect. I will enjoy this battle.

I am Phantix, "The Stitcher," self-raised master of death. Growing up in the Neverglades' marshes, I only had the company of a merchant who passed through the marsh regularly. Life was lonely, and despite the fact that the merchant taught me how to read, villagers in surrounding towns saw me as a savage, and impossible to take in.

One day, the merchant gave me a book that spoke of love and making friends. After reading it, I felt vigorously renewed, passionate. I'd never before felt the warmth I felt while reading it, and I knew… I had to make a real friend. So I did.

The next morning I went to the nearest town, thinking they would accept me since I made my first friend. I was surprised when they greeted me with screams of horror. Confused & anxious, I looked at my friend with tear-clouded vision. I eyed my companion for a while.

"No," I thought. I don't need anyone else. I love my friend… Every part of him. The head of the owl. The eyes of the crow. The body of a bear. The kind, loving heart of the merchant who taught me how to read… All stitched together in perfect union…
None of the townspeople were ever seen again. No one saw me for years afterward, until today. I have come to make new friends.

Location: Hero Lobby


Thanks to Rich Wind.

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