Personal Monster Generator


«Scene: Voltaire and a brain monster floating over him»

Voltaire: Hi, guys.

«Scene zooms out, showing Constantin, Kimberly, the Hero, and Safiria»

Hero: Voltaire?!

Kimberly: Oh wow. All of those creepy spookies were coming from… YOU?

Voltaire: I guess Count Maxius likes the way my imagination works!

Hero: But…how?

Voltaire: It's this thing on my head! It's some sort of… brain sucker?
Voltaire: It's manifesting real life versions of anything that pops into my head.

Hero: That explains a lot about the way this room looks.

Voltaire: It's pretty amazing. Like a 3-D printer hooked directly to my brain!
Voltaire: But I didn't sign up to be some evil vampire's personal monster generator.
Voltaire: So, are you guys going to help me out of here or what?

«Scene fades»

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