Immortal Dark Caster Trainer
Hold it right there, adventurer. You were talking With Umbral, weren’t you? Did he fail to mention that a Timeless Dark caster like him could never compare to the arcane ability that an Immortal Dark Caster has? Let me correct his so called “guidance” and teach you the REAL dark arts.

What is an Immortal Dark Caster?
Having mastered every form of the arcane, you’ve settled onto the darker arts of the Immortal Dark Caster. Among all the dark casters in the undead legion, you are a notable legend for this accomplishment. Using your honed abilities, not even light itself can escape while you cover the world around you with darkness.

How to get?
To become an Immortal Dark Caster, you must wait until Dage’s Dark Birthday (Mid March) and purchase for Adventure Coins inside the Dark Birthday Shop.

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Wizard.
Immortal Dark Casters specialize in casting a barrage of dark spells at a single target in the name of Age the Evil. They combine Soul Crushing hexes to reduce defense, abilities to increase their own defense, and, if their foe’s soul has been weakened enough, they can even increase their own haste.

Location: Class Hall C


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