Paul & Storm

Inter-dimentional Bards of the Multiverse
Welcome to Battleoff, where everything in this land is exactly the opposite from yours! We have also practiced this speech so many times that we are able to speak in complete unison. Pretty cool, huh? …oh yea, you should probably go speak to Drakath over there.

After completing the 'Get the List!' quest:

Inter-dimentional Bards of the Multiverse
So, now that you got that list… what are we still doing here? You should probably click that big red button that says 'Lightovia' now. Let's go!

After completing all quests:

Inter-dimentional Bards of the Multiverse
Great job, hero. You really pulled this world's buns out of the fire. What a GREAT birthday party!




Thanks to Hina.

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