Party Party Party!


«Scene: At Forest»

Sora To Hoshi: So, let me get this straight.
Sora To Hoshi: You're saying that every October, the barrier between Lore and the spirit world - the "Otherworld" - gets weaker.
Loremaster Barb: Yes. Especially in areas where the veil is already thin - like here, in Mystcroft.
Beleen: And the spirits-
Loremaster Barb: The evil spirits.
Beleen: -the spirits of questionable moral judgment can come into our world…
Beleen: …and we can go into theirs.
Loremaster Barb: Exacitly. Which is why we have to be careful of-
Sora To Hoshi: And this one group of spirits, the "Sheevra", take advantage of it…
Sora To Hoshi: …and throw a huge ball that people from both worlds can go to.
Loremaster Barb: Right. And legend says that you have to bring an offering to them, of you can't get in.
Samba: An offering. Got it.
Loremaster Barb: And you have to disguise yourself, because, well…
Loremaster Barb: …if you're going to draw the attention of evil spirits…
Loremaster Barb: …you really DON'T want them to know who you are.
Sora To Hoshi: Sure, makes sense.

«Scene: At Forest»

Samba: OMG.
Samba: OMG. You know what that means, right guys?


Loremaster Barb: What?? No, you guys! Didn't you listen to me? It's dangerous!
Sora To Hoshi: Of course! That's why we'd be wearing masquerade masks, silly!
Sora To Hoshi: Oh, this is so exciting! I've been wanting to go a masquerade ball for ages!
Samba: Oh, and she said we'd need an offering. too. That's like a hostess gift, right?
Loremaster Barb: Guys, no! This is SO not the message to take from this story!
Beleen: We'ew going to need some new fancy clothes to wear, too!
Sora To Hoshi: We're doing this!
Samba: Yaaaassss! We are SO doing this!
Loremaster Barb: GUYS!!
Beleen: I'll find us some party clothes.
Samba: I'll put together some nice offerings!
Sora To Hoshi: I'll get the marks!
Loremaster Barb: Sigh. I give up!

«Scene fades»

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