Parents Free


«Scene: Hero in front of the parents in the Stalkwalker's vines.»
«The Stalkwalker's vines surrounding the parents disappear.»

Farmer: Who are you?

Hero: The Cauldron Sisters sent me to find you.

Farmer: OH NO! The harvest!

Hero: It's OK. You have time. Rest and get your strength back.

Farmer: What…. happened to us?

Hero: Why don't I let your kids explain that?

«Screen zooms in on EYE-sac, Hero, and Farmer.»

EYE-sac: MOM!?

«Screen zooms out showing EYE-sac, the parents, and Hero.»

Farmer: Issac Bullfinch Cronner! Were you trying to take over the world by way of chaos-infected candy corn AGAIN?!


«EYE-sac and his mom run off screen to the left.»

Farmer: Just you wait until your father gets his strength back!

«Scene fades out black.»
«Text appears on the screen.»

Happy Mogloween!

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