Legendary Water Dragon
Gong Xi Fai Cai, mortal. I am Panlong, the legendary lake dragon. I have been was summoned from my aquatic haven so that I may to commemorate the Year of the Dragon. in 2012, and now remain as a guardian spirit of Akiba. Prove yourself to me, and you will forever be endowed with my blessings.

The Dragon is a divine creature of legend and myth, and is the mightiest sign of the Zodiac. Dragons symbolize honor, strength, power, and good fortune. Dragons are as brave as they are passionate, harnessing a beautiful and flamboyant spirit within.

I sense a powerful spirit within you, mortal. Perhaps you too have the spirit of a Dragon? Prove yourself to the great lake dragon, and in turn you will be awarded Emblems that can be used in the Chinese New Year Merge Shop. Best of luck.

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  • Gong Xi Fai Cai (恭喜发财) generally means "wishing you a financially prosperous year" in Chinese.
  • Panlong (蟠龍) means "Curled Dragon" in Chinese.

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