Paladin Power


«Scene: The Hero is sitting in a classroom filled with student Necromancers»

Hero: Phew! I am bone-tired!
Hero: Who would have thought those shelletons could move so fast?

Prof. Skulltz: IF you are done complaining… we can move on to the lecture.
Prof. Skulltz: Today is the last class in the unit, and we will focus on the completion of projects.

Hero: Oooh, how about V —

Prof. Skulltz: *Pleasantly* Did you know I use unruly, interruptive students as parts for future Skullptures?
Prof. Skulltz: No? Keep that in mind the next time you decide to speak.
Prof. Skulltz: As I was saying, today's lesson will focus on Vordred, this school's finest product.

Hero: Jackpot! Today was a GREAT day to come to class!

Prof. Skulltz: Vordred is unlike other undead you might have crafted in your classes.
Prof. Skulltz: You cannot complete something like that with an extra arm or a few arcane phrases.
Prof. Skulltz: For Vordred to be complete — to become the ultimate weapon of Darkness —
Prof. Skulltz: One more requirement must be fulfilled. The death of… Artix.

Hero: But what makes Artix so special? He's a paladin, but Vordred has slain MANY of them

Prof. Skulltz: I wish I knew! Maybe then I could create something of that level…
Prof. Skulltz: Ahem… You will not find that out until — er, you take graduate studies.
Prof. Skulltz: It is enough to know that only through Artix's death at Vordred's hands can he absorb the Paladin's power.
Prof. Skulltz: And be unstoppable!

hero: But what about —

Prof. Skulltz: Go! You have wearied me with your questions! I am an artiste of the undead!
Prof. Skulltz: I cannot be bothered by you any longer. Get out, all of you!

«Scene fades»

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