Paddylump SAVE YOU!


«Scene: the Hero and Galanoth face off against the Titan DragonLord in the observatory of the Tower of Magic»

Titan DragonLord: It doesn't matter if you beat me.
Titan DragonLord: The Shadowflame army is vast. Someone else will take my place.

Hero: Yeah, maybe.

*Galanoth parries shady battle tactics from the Shadow DragonLord.*

«Galanoth stabs the Titan DragonLord»

Hero: But we still beat you.
Hero: Anyone else?

DragonLord: Nope.
DragonLord: No.

«Scene: the Hero and Galanoth with the magic in the observatory»

Hero: Everyone ok here?

Rayst: Yes… thank you, <Hero>.

Reens: I told you he was bluffing.

Blakk: Was he, though?

Hero: Probably not.

Moonwrath: We should make sure the tower is better protected.
Moonwrath: Regardless of anything else, they WILL try again.

Varga: You know you can't stay here, right?

Hero: Yeah. As much as I might want to.
Hero: There's still a lot of work to be done… work that only I can do.

Galanoth: I'll stay behind. If they send more dragons, Arcangrove will be ready.

Warlic: I'll stay, too.

Hero: Thanks, guys.

«Paddylump jumps into the screen»

Paddylump: Paddylump SAVE YOU!
Paddylump: Oh.
Paddylump: Paddylump finally got up the nerve to charge in here, murp. And everyone already gone.

Warlic: Probably not for good.

Hero: Or for long.
Hero: I have a feeling you're going to get plenty of chances to be brave.

«Screen pans up and fades»

«Scene: Malgor on the Queen of Monster's throne»

Malgor: So you just… left?

DragonLord: You didn't see what they DID!
DragonLord: There's no way we could've taken them.

«Malgor facepalms»

Malgor: Is everyone around me this incompetent?

Shadow Knight Gar: Now's my chance to shine!

Malgor: You said that out loud, Gar.

Shadow Knight Gar: I will destroy them all. For you, my lord.
Shadow Knight Gar: The Dragonslayer. The blue mage. And especially that… Paddylump.

Malgor: I do enjoy your enthusiasm.
Malgor: Don't worry, Gar. You'll have your chance to impress me soon.
Malgor: Very soon.

«Scene fades»

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