Before completing the 'Find Paddy Lump' quest:

Mudluk Spellhunter
Hallo, murp. Paddylump is happy to see new face! Mudluk village be lonely now. But maybe you just lost. Master Rayst outside Arcangrove Tower be looking for hero like you. He tell you where to go, murp.

After completing the 'Find Paddy Lump' quest:

Mudluk Spellhunter
Hallo, I herd u liek mudluks, murp! You now in beautiful Mudluk Village! Paddylump wondering, did Rayst send you here for Rod of Defiance? That biggest Mudluk treasure, but you can have it if you trying to fix magic in Arcangrove. Paddylump will help, murp!

U have question for Paddylump?

Mudluks be very old race, but there not many of we now. We loves our swamp here in Arcangrove. The magic be in Mudluk blood, murp. We always use magic, and even teach magi a thing or two about swamp magic![[/size]]

Every Mudluk know how use magic, murp. Mudluks weave huts with magic, heal each other and swamp with magic, even make music with magic! Paddylump is Spellhunter for village. Me in charge of hunting and gathering food and protecting Mudluk Village using magic, murp!

Rod of Defiance
Long ago, Arcangrove tower magi come to mudluks and give we Rod of Defiance. They our friends and say us need protect Rod, so we protect. Mudluk oracles sing one day about here like who come claim it to save mudluks and all magic! Paddylump guess the u!

- Paddylump's Quests

After completing Paddylump's Quests:

Mudluk Spellhunter
It looks like us need find a new guardian. That Tiger Leech not looking so great now. U really be the hero that Mudluk Oracle sing about. Bring Rod of Defiance back when U done with it, OK? Mudluks feel important when us have something to guard. Good luck saving magic!

- Paddylump's Daily Quest



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