«Scene: Gravelyn playing with some spilled mush on the ground. The Hero finds her»

New Nanny: Aaaaaaah! What are you doing?

Gravelyn: Gaah!

New Nanny: Come on! You don't want to be in that mess.

Gravelyn: glurble

New Nanny: Let's get you back up to your room.
New Nanny: Or into the bath.

«Scene: Horatio by the door»

Horatio: Hello, minion. *ahem* I mean, Nanny.
Horatio: How are things going with my daughter? Are you two getting along?

New Nanny: JUST FINE! Everything's fine!

Gravelyn: Tee hee hee!

«The Hero turns to the right in surprise»
«Gravelyn is looking at a goo monster and clapping»

Gravelyn: Gah!

New Nanny: AAAAAAH!

Horatio: Nanny? What's going on in there?

New Nanny: NOTHING! We're good! Everything's good.

Horatio: It doesn't sound "good". I'm coming down there.

New Nanny: No! Oh. No need to interrupt your important work. Sir.
New Nanny: I've got everything handled.

«Scene fades»

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