«Scene: the Hero has defeated Calico Cobby»

Hero: You're not the "Dreammaster" anyway, Calico!

Calico Cobby: Ow.

Memet: Ha, ha! Look at that! Your name even changed!

Hero: What?

«Criminy Thicket pokes his head out of a cloud he was hiding in»

Criminy Thicket: Is… is it safe to come out now?

Hero: I think so. You gonna stop fighting, Calico?

Calico Cobby: Yes! Just stop hitting me!

Memet: Alright, let's get this place fixed up.

«Memet turns the landscape gray and stormy»

Criminy Thicket: Ahhh! That's better!

Calico Cobby: W-what?
Calico Cobby: You… WANT this?

Criminy Thicket: Are you kidding? Living without it almost ruined me!

Calico Cobby: But… I worked so hard to build this utopia! Why wasn't it making you happy?

Criminy Thicket: This was YOUR version of paradise. It ain't mine!

«Cobby looks down»

Calico Cobby: …oh.
Calico Cobby: So I guess you're in charge now, huh?

Memet: Heck, no. I don't want that kind of responsibility. I just don't want to be contraband.
Memet: Your intentions were good… I guess… but what you did kinda sucked.

«Calico Cobby starts to tear up»

Memet: Oh, please no. Don't do that.

Calico Cobby: I just *sniff* wanted everyone *sniff* to be happy.

«Memet pats Calico Cobby on the head»

Memet: There. There. It's… ok.
Memet: Open displays of emotion make me so uncomfortable.

Hero: It's fine. I got this.
Hero: Come on, man. Let's go get a milkshake.

Calico Cobby: Okay.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Criminy Thicket and Memet alone in the gray and stormy landscape»

Criminy Thicket: So, does this mean everything is going to go back to normal?
Criminy Thicket: I'll… have my scary dreams again?

Memet: I sure hope so. That stuff Calico was peddling tastes like aspartame.

Criminy Thicket: Really? What do mine taste like?

Memet: Kinda like black licorice.

Criminy Thicket: But NOBODY likes black licorice.

Memet: I like black licorice.

«Scene fades»

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