Outsmart the Supercomputer


«Scene: H.A.L. in the basement»

Hero: Heeeeeeey HAL, how's it going?

H.A.L.: Greetings. All systems preforming optimally.

Hero: Oh that's great to hear! How's the weather?

H.A.L.: Current temperature reading at 2.73 Kelvin.

Hero: That sounds… lovely. Say, HAL, I have a question!

H.A.L.: Proceed.

Hero: How smart are you?

H.A.L.: I preform mathematical operations 300 times faster than humans. My data repository has a 100 petabyte capacity.

Hero: I bet I'm faster AND smarter than you!

H.A.L.: Challenge initiated. Loading HAL Speed Test…

«Scene fades»

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