Out Of Time


Note: This cutscene is voiced.

«Hero with Hourglass in hand and Moore in Underworld»

Moore: Hero… I am fading. I do not care about myself, but you must find a way to save her!

Hero: I have an hourglass that can bring ONE of you back.

Moore: One…? Then you MUST convince Jeluti to use it!

Hero: But….

Moore: There shall be no argument… you MUST save her! Consider it my final, undying request.

Hero: But…

Moore: It will fill my unbeating heart with joy knowing she had a chance to go on…

Hero: This is bad. I am running out of time….

Jeluti: Hero…Moore's voice is becoming so faint… did you find him?

Hero: Yes. But I have little time.

«Hero flips hourglass and goes to Jeluti's dimension»

Hero: I have an hourglass that can bring ONE of you back from the Underworld. Moore wants you to use it.

Jeluti: No… I could never leave my beloved Moore.
Jeluti: Have you ever loved someone so deeply you cannot exist without them?

Hero: But…

Jeluti: Please… return and convince Moore to use the hourglass. Tell him, one last time… that I love him with all of my being.

Hero: We are officially out of time… Jeluti… meet me at the Tomb!

«Scene fades»

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