Orochi Untainted


«Scene: the Hero and Ai no Miko meet the 8th Head of Orochi»

Ai no Miko: Oh my gosh! Orochi!

Orochi: Ah. I remember you.
Orochi: You are the one who engulfed me in light, back in Akiba.

«The Hero raises their weapon»

Hero: Stay back! We took you down once. We can do it again!

Orochi: Calm yourself, small ones. Do you see me attacking you?
Orochi: You have done me a favor. I was cursed, transformed, by these shadows. Forced to serve Jaaku.
Orochi: It was your light that set me free.

Ai no Miko: Oh!
Ai no Miko: Then I am very glad to have done so.

Orochi: Jaaku has been trying to 'heal" me. The dark energy he fills me with makes me stronger, larger.
Orochi: …but it will also make me lose myself again.
Orochi: I fear I will soon succumb - I may even die.
Orochi: But Orochi has 7 heads left, and he will live on without me, completely under Jaaku's control.
Orochi: Help me free myself - or I may soon be used against you.

«Scene fades»

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