Orlok is Unamused


«Scene: Hero helps Orlok»

Orlok: I'm sorry, could you repeat that again? Surely I must have misheard.
Orlok: You said Shadowslayer Z thinks what?

Hero: She, uhh…
Hero: …she throught you guys might have been responsible for the Infernal invasion.

Orlok: Is she really so blinded by her fear and hatred of us?
Orlok: Look around You!
Orlok: Our home is beging destroyed!
Orlok: Our castle is beging destroyed!
Orlok: And our queen, Lady Solani, is trapped inside it!

Hero: Yeah, to be honest you weren't exactly my top suspects.
Hero: Don't worry, I'll figure out who's behind all this.

Orlok: Oh, I'm sure you'll need to look no further than Lycan Ridge for that information.
Orlok: But for now, we have a more pressing matter - we must get Lady Solani out that castle!

«Scene fades»

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