Safiria's Vampire Lore keeper
Queen Safiria has charged me with unlocking the ancient secret lost by our race. I need someone to test a theory for me. If you survive, then you will gain more power than any mortal should have. Are you willing to devote yourself to my cause, hero?

Centuries ago, Safiria gave me the gift of eternal unlife and in exchange I use my talents and knowledge to rediscover the lost secrets of Vampire Lore to strengthen the glory of her reign as Vampire Queen. Vampires are a very old race and have forgotten more secrets than most of the young races will ever create or discover. I will rediscover them all!

- Orlok's Quests legendsmall.png

After completing Orlok's Quests:

Safiria's Vampire Lore keeper
You have accomplished the impossible! According to the records I need a willing volunteer to become a Blood Ancient. Bring me 25 Ancient Vitae and I will allow you to drink the finished concoction and become the first Blood Ancient!

- Orlok's Quests legendsmall.png
- Blood Ancient Merge (Shop) legendsmall.png


Note: This NPC is a parody of Count Orlok from the movie Nosferatu.


Thanks to Apus and Tendou no Mazo.

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