Operation Gameocide


  • Battleon Town - 'Operation Gameocide' button in top menu of the Town Square

«Scene: Chairman Platinum»

Chairman Platinum: Welcome to Operation Gameocide, Artix Entertainment Hero.
Chairman Platinum: I am aware you logged in expecting a… 4th birthday celebration.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Close up of Chairman Platinum»

Chairman Platinum: Presents. Special guests. Fun. You were wrong.
Chairman Platinum: According to your current calculations, Artix Entertainment will soon be the biggest gaming network on the internet.

«Chairman Platinum smiles»

Chairman Platinum: Since they didn't accept our generous offer to join Ebilcorp, we will accept for them.

«Chairman Platinum's teeth shines and the scene fades»
«The EbilCorp logo appears on screen, with the words "A NAME YOU CAN TRUST" below»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Chairman Platinum»

Chairman Platinum: Our drones and minions have infiltrated ALL six of Artix Entertainment's main games.
Chairman Platinum: Once the takeover is complete, the Board of Directors and I will enjoy watching their tears and pleas as we take their entire network of games offline.

«Scene: Close up of Chairman Platinum smiling»

Chairman Platinum: Permanently.

«Screen zooms back out»

Chairman Platinum: I am Chairman Platinum, and YOU are now an employee of EbilCorp.

«Scene fades»

Register with Chief Executive Officer Zorbak at the Misinformation Kiosk, then proceed to the Agent Restoration Center for brainwashing.

«Scene fades»

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