Opening Act



«Scene: Hero, Chicot and Laidronette on Screen 1 of Necro Carnival»

Hero: So there's no way you or any of the other children are going to leave?
Hero: Your parents are worried sick after all of you snuck to Doomwood.
Hero: They came begging for anyone to look for them.
Hero: Looks like I'm the first one to track you all down to this… fine establishment.
Hero: Let's get going.
Hero: At this rate, you won't get home before all the Mogloween fun's over.

Laidronette: Don't worry about me. I can head home whenever I want.
Laidronette: But the little babies of our group might bite if you try to drag them home.
Laidronette: Some sort of spell has charmed them into staying at this carnival.
Laidronette: Little Tod wouldn't even go home after he got sick from eating too many honey bugs.
Laidronette: He just emptied his stomach in a bush and went right back to eating.

Hero: Hard to tell if this is kids being kids-
Hero: Or if I should be shaking you down for answers.

«Hero turns to Chicot»

???: Please, dear guest. I am merely a humble performer caught by the same curse.
Chicot: Call me Chicot.
Chicot: My travelling caravan thought these woods would be the a perfect spot to entertain visitors.

Laidronette: He says that but he won't make me a balloon doggy.

Chicot: Make it yourself, you nosey little-


Chicot: Ehem.
Chicot: Alas, weeks have passed and we have been unable to leave!
Chicot: I do have a spell that can appeal to the Forest's Spirit to let us go free.
Chicot: Understanding and carrying out the spell, however, is beyond me.
Chicot: For, I am merely a performer. Luckily, you have arrived!
Chicot: You're a fine specimen of an adventurer, no doubt with much knowledge of the arcane.

Hero: Kind of seems like you'd say that to anyone passing by.

Chicot: If you follow the steps in the book and decipher its words, we'll be freed in no time.

Hero: How convenient!
Hero: I might have considered doing your bidding if I had less brain cells.

Chicot: Excuse me? You're refusing?

Hero: There aren't other leads but I'm not dumb enough to trust a, heh, total stranger.
Hero: I need to get these kids to safety as soon as possible.
Hero: The fact that they can't leave means that they're in danger of becoming a buffet for monsters.
Hero: But that doesn't mean I'm going to stick our heads into your clown car, hoping for the best.
Hero: Curses don't get cast on their own. You understand what I'm saying?
Hero: What are you actually doing here?

Chicot: I am a jester! Are jesters not meant to be at carnivals?

Laidronette: I think that's clowns. Jesters are supposed to be dancing in the King's court.

Chicot: Shut your mouth! I'll take your tiny bones and turn them into a…a cute bunny.
Chicot: Haha! Twas a jest!

Hero: Sure.

Laidronette: Just for fun, could you ask him who wrote the spell?

Hero: Huh Is that important?

Laidronette: They're such funny names. Mr. Chicot, could you tell them?

Chicot: Ah…

Hero: Why the hesitation?

Chicot: Oh bother, if you must know, the book was written by three powerful mages.
Chicot: Viola the Vile, Russel the Riotous, and the Allustrious Allen.

Hero: Those are strangely mundane names for big ego weirdos.
Hero: Did you mean 'Illustrious' instead of 'Allustrious'?

Chicot: No. That's how it's spelled in the book.

Hero: Hmmm…
Hero: You know what? Read the spell to me.

Chicot: Fine, be that way. I'll just crush… wait? Really?

Hero: Yes really. I'll throw you a bone.
Hero: Let's see what's this thing's all about.

«Scene fades»

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