Oops (2)



«Scene: the Kaiju still stands in the middle of the ocean»

«The Hero looks at it from a ship»

Hero: Defeating Cap'n Kraylox didn't stop this thing!
Hero: It just made it mad!

«The Cyseriffic Lim Mecha stands in the water»

Cysero: Don't worry! We've got this!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Cysero and Lim in the cockpit of the Cyseriffic Lim»

Lim: Wait, where are you going? The kaiju's straight ahead.

Cysero: I'm flanking it.

Lim: Why? That's dumb. It can see what we're doing.
Lim: Just run forward and hit it.

Cysero: Hey! Quit it!

Lim: Augh! How am I supposed pilot this thing if you keep jerking the wheel?

Cysero: You're not the pilot. I'M the pilot.

«Lim raises his fist»

Lim: No, you're the co-pilot.

«Screen gets tighter»

Cysero: Well, if I'm the co-pilot, then you're the Co-co-pilot!

Lim: I invented this thing!

Cysero: I built it!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Outside, the Cyseriffic Lim shuts down because of the conflicting commands.»

«Scene: Inside the cockpit»

Lim: You broke it!

Cysero: Well, crap.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Captain Rhubarb, Floyd, and Warlic on the captain's ship»

Warlic: I knew this was going to end badly.

Captain Rhubarb: Shiver me timbers! What are we goin' t' do now?

Warlic: While you've all been fighting this monster, I've been working on a backup plan.
Warlic: …Though, I was hoping we wouldn't have to use it. It could be dangerous.

Captain Rhubarb: This entire situation could be dangerous!

Warlic: Ah, heck with it.

«Warlic takes out a glass bottle with a green liquid inside.»

Warlic: <Hero>! Catch!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero has caught the glass bottle»

Hero: What's this?

«Split screen: Warlic on the left»

Warlic: It'll make you strong enough to fight Klashex!

«Split screen: Hero on the right»

Hero: Sign me up!

Warlic: …but it could destabilize your entire molecular structure!

Hero: …What?

«Captain Rhubarb pops up behind Warlic»

Captain Rhubarb: Don't do it, matey! It be too much to risk!

«Split screen disappears, focus on the Hero»

Hero: Ah, heck with it.

«The Hero drinks the potion and start glowing.»

«Captain Rhubarb's ship shakes»

Captain Rhubarb: YARRRRRRRRR, Matey! That is the biggest booty these seas have ever seen!

«Scene: the Hero has now grown to be equal in size to the kaiju»

Hero: Awwwh, yeah!

«Hero raises their weapon»

Hero: Everybody stand back! I'm going to put this thing into orbit!

«Scene fades»

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