Onryo Revealed


«Scene: Hero attacks the Onryo, but then gets knocked back into a rock»

Hero: Ugh! This thing is strong!

«Scene: Miko preparing a magic attack»

Ai no Miko: I think you've weakened it, though.
Ai no Miko: Maybe now I can…

«Miko fires at the Onryo»

Hero: You're doing it! Keep going!

Ai no Miko: Nnngh…

Hero: Just a little more…

«The Onryo disappears and turns into Daisho»

Ai no Miko: Father?

«Scene: Daisho's ghost floats before Miko and the Hero»

Emperor Daisho: Miko? Is that you?
Emperor Daisho: I… I thought you died.
Emperor Daisho: I thought Jaaku had killed you.

Ai no Miko: No. I wounded his dragon, Orochi, and now I am coming for him, too.
Ai no Miko: I won't let him win.
Ai no Miko: This is my fault. I'm so sorry I let this happen to you.
Ai no Miko: I was so desperate to stop Jaaku, I neglected my duties to the fallen.
Ai no Miko: Without their funeral rites, their angry spirits wander the landscape, unable to rest.

Emperor Daisho: And think how many more there would be, had you not gone after Jaaku!
Emperor Daisho: No. You did the right thing.
Emperor Daisho: I was consumed with hate and anger over what Jaaku did to us…
Emperor Daisho: But you have brought me peace. And you will bring peace to them as well.
Emperor Daisho: I can rest well knowing that you will protect our people.

«Daisho fades away and Miko closes her eyes»

Ai no Miko: I will.

«Scene fades»

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