One More Challenge


«Scene: Stryche places the skull at the base of the tree, and it glows»

Hero: Oh, wow.

Stryche: The dark, corrupted flame is gone… replaced by pure, burning moonlight.
Stryche: The curse has been lifted.
Stryche: …but it's still not quite right.
Stryche: I can feel Voland's spirit inside of me. I understand what happened now.
Stryche: When Marchosias claimed the Skull, he took Voland's power, but became imbalanced. Dark.
Stryche: Now that I hold well, it's no longer dark, but it is still out of balance.
Stryche: I must find and confront Marchosias… and try to find a way to bring things back to how they were meant to be.

Hero: Stryche, we've fought Marchosias. You and I, together, in the future.
Hero: …we didn't win.

Stryche: That doesn't mean we shouldn't try.
Stryche: How many challenges have we already overcome? This is just one more.

«Scene fades»

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