One Lazy Dragon


«Scene: Hero and Galanoth confronting Phlegnn»

Galanoth: Dragon! You will terrorize this village NO MORE!
Galanoth: You sought to take the town by making its villagers too sick to fight back! But you have failed!
Galanoth: We have cured them… and we have cleansed the town of your plague!
Galanoth: And now, this village is under MY protection!
Galanoth: I, Galanoth, the leader of the Order of Dragonslayers, have come to take you down!

Phlegnn: No.

«Question marks appear over Galanoth»

Galanoth: …What do you mean, "no"?

Phlegnn: I don't want to fight. Go away.

Galanoth: I… but… you HAVE to.
Galanoth: You're a dragon. I'm a dragonslayer. I'm here to slay you.

Phlegnn: Pft. I don't have to do anything. Leave me alone, I'm sick.

Galanoth: <Hero>, I really don't know what to do here.
Galanoth: I could kill him easily where he lies, but…
Galanoth: To hurt someone who refuses to fight back? Even a dragon?
Galanoth: I can't dishonor myself that way.

Hero: Alright, well… ah…
Hero: Hey, dragon! Phlegnn!
Hero: You don't HAVE to fight. We just need you out of the hot spring.
Hero: So, you know… if you just wanna trundle off somewhere else…

Phlegnn: But I'm sick! *sniff* I need the steam.

Hero: But… you're contaminating the water. It's making the entire village sick, too!

Phlegnn: That's THEIR problem. *snauuughrk* I’m not getting out.

Hero: Ugh. Seriously?
Hero: Fine. It's fine. I'll just… hose you down with this antibiotic spray.

«Scene: Hero shoots Phlegnn with the cure»

Phlegnn: Eek! Stop! That stings!

«Phlegnn hits the Hero»

Hero: Oww.
Hero: Ok, let's try this again.

«Hero charges forward»


«Hero shoots the gun»


«Phlegnn strikes them again»

Galanoth: Ha! It looks like I'll get to slay a dragon after all!
Galanoth: If you wanted to avoid a fight, you should not have attacked my friend!
Galanoth: Come on, <Hero>! He's too lazy to fight both of us off!

«Scene fades»

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