One Heck of a Night


«Scene: Hero lying in some hay»

Hero: *Yaaaawn*
Hero: What the heck? I don't remember falling asleep in a barn.
Hero: That must have been one heck of a night.

Wistar-287: Oh, good! You're awake!

«Scene zooms out to show the Hero next to a glowing green hamster in a clear hamster cage»

Hero: Aaaaah!

Wistar-287: Greetings. My name is Wistar-287. Welcome to Genetech Biolab!

Hero: Biolab… right. The distress call!
Hero: I remember now… I'd gotten a call for help from a research lab on the moon.
Hero: But… how did I get so tiny?
Hero: (And who sent the call? I don't actually see anyone in here…)

Wistar-287: Oh! That was me!
Wistar-287: There's been an… incident.
Wistar-287: A contagion that our scientists created… it got loose. It's infected the lab.
Wistar-287: The scientists all escaped, but we animals were left behind.

Hero: Oh, no! That's terrible!

Wistar-287: Yes, well. Some of the experiments they did in this lab were a bit… well…

Hero: Unethical?

«Scene: close up of Wistar-287, who does the hamster approximation of a shrug»

Wistar-287: …let's just say they probably don't want anyone outside of the lab to know about us.

«Scene zooms back out»

Hero: But that doesn't mean you deserve to die.

Wistar-287: I should say not!

Hero: Well, don't worry. I'll get you all out of here.
Hero: But first…. you're going to have to help ME…

«Scene zooms out more to show the whole cage»

Hero: …get out of HERE.

«Scene fades»

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