One Angry Princess


«Scene: Galanoth introducing Princess Cecily to the Hero at Ashfall Camp»

Galanoth: <Hero>, this is Princess Cecily.
Galanoth: She's come here to Ashfall to ask the Order of Dragonslayers for help.

Princess Cecily: Yes… Help with a dragon who has been abducting our people!

Hero: That's terrible!

Galanoth: It's a common problem. Some dragons hoard princess like others hoard gold.
Galanoth: Many Dragonslayers have found their way to our Order after a dragon stole their loved ones.

Princess Cecily: Just as I've done, now.
Princess Cecily: For too long, I sat by and did nothing, hoping some hero would come and save us.
Princess Cecily: But now, it's become personal. I… I have to stop this.

Hero: What happened? Did he take your sisters?
Hero: Are you afraid that he's coming for you next?

Princess Cecily: Ha… No.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Princes trapped in cage»

Princess Cecily: SHE… has kidnapping all of the local PRINCES.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: a single Princess in a cage»

Princess Cecily: (And a few princesses… I guess dragons are pretty flexible.)

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Lascivia being fanned by her devotees»

Princess Cecily: It's been a problem for years!
Princess Cecily: She scoops up all our eligible bachelors, and carries them away to her lair.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Ashfall Camp»

Princess Cecily: Needless to say, she's left a lot of lonely, frustrated ladies in her wake.
Princess Cecily: Anyway, when she took my Prince Enzio, I knew I had to act.
Princess Cecily: He's my fiance! I can't just leave him to his fate. We… we have to rescue him!

Hero: Don't worry, we'll get him back for you. We'll get them ALL out of there.

Galanoth: You can remain in Ashfall while we're gone.
Galanoth: The other Dragonslayers will keep you safe.

Princess Cecily: No, you're not hearing me.
Princess Cecily: I didn't come here as some damsel in distress.
Princess Cecily: I came to the Order for BACKUP.
Princess Cecily: I am going to slay that dragon, and rescue my Enzio!

«Close up of Cecily»

Princess Cecily: So, who's with me?

«Scene fades»

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