Once Upon a Time


«Scene: Greenguard Forest»

Lydia: Greenguard forest has always been.
Lydia: In every historical records, all the way back to crude cave paintings, there have been mentions of the forest.
Lydia: But there is one record which sets it apart.

The founder of the Lorekeepers stole it from the horde of Greenguard's dragon. It was the impetus for the forming of our order. It appears to be the journal of an ancient druid.

Hero: A druid? What's that?

Lydia: Precisely the point. But we'll get to that soon.

«Hero writing below a tree»

Day 97 of the invasion:
Our messenger hawks go unanswered. It has been four days.

We've officially lost contact with the Bear Clan. I fear the worst.

Elder Ironwood has been preparing something since very beginning of the void incursion…

…but refuses to tell us what it is. We have hidden deep within the forest until she is finished.

The other warrior are practically tearing their fur out for want of combat, but they will have it soon enough.

Sister Spruce: Initiate Wild! You're needed. The Elder is calling a council.

Initiate Wild (Hero): Let's hope that she has good news, then.

«Scene fades»

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